Sunday, September 02, 2007

Here's some samples from our Venetian Plaster 3 class:

Check out some samples from our Venetian Plaster 2 class:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Featured SAFS Student Lucinda Henry

Owner of Shakti Studios for Design

An artist by nature and training, Lucinda Henry has cultivated and honed her creative talents through work in a variety of media over the last 23 years, culminating in the 2002 inception of Shakti Space Designs.

Lucinda is a truly talented Artisan and a great person to work with. You can read more about Lucinda on the SAFS site or visit Lucinda's site to view her portfolio and learn more about her work.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The exterior at the LaQuinta job is completed and it looks great! We have a few shots of the fixtures that are going in the house and they are, without a doubt, as unique and fabulous as the finish. The combination of stone, dark wood, and metal against the back-drop of this beautiful, rustic Tuscany finish is epic. Take a look...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This month's Seattle Homes and Lifestyles features a home with a polished Terra fire place surround and exterior accent wall installed by Crystal Lane-Sowell and Chris Sowell. The owners of this second home chose CAST Architecture to redesign the old ski cabin from functional but claustrophobic into a comfortably modern and airy retreat. As you can see from the photos the fireplace is truly the epicenter of the house. Nice job!

Seattle Homes & Lifestyles is on news stands now so you can pick up a copy today.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

We wanted to share an email from Featured Student Stuart Milner about an recent installation of Terra. Excellent job, Stu!

"Tell Aaron his memo [Tips & Tricks] last month on proper composition when doing distressed Terra/Tuscany was vital to correcting my bad habbits, I sent a few photos of a room I just finished in a distressed Terra, it came out perfect using that new technique. My client was a lil bit afraid by the looks of the cow hide technique on the scratch coat but was so amazed when the project was complete, lol thank you!!!"

Just a few pics, enjoy!


Read more Tips and Tricks on our website!

Friday, April 27, 2007

These are some project photos sent to us by Ron & Kristine Henshaw of Henshaw Murals. The work is amazing, beautiful, and inspiring. Ron and Kristine have both studied under Aaron. Kristine has this to say about her experience at SAFS; "I am very grateful to Aaron for the excellent training I received in his workshops. I took prodigious notes throughout his classes from which I still refer.

"Of particular value were his excellent insights into the business of decorative painting. I am convinced that his instruction saved me years of hard knock lessons. His knowledge and experience of materials and procedures is invaluable. I have always felt I could give a call when I needed technical support. Years later, I still, on occasion give a call for help."

SAFS will have more on Henshaw Murals on the Featured Student area of our website soon! But for now please enjoy these great images of their excellent work. You can see more on their website at

Thanks for the photos and letter Henshaws! It's always good to hear from graduates.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Here's a great note from Jay Topping who was just up from California to take Jennifer Carrasco's Murals on Marmorino class. Jennifer has a tendency to evoke strong responses from those who are fortunate enough to spend some time with her:

Hey Jennifer: Well its been a few days since the class, and my head is still swimming with all the wonderfull things you taught us. Each day, I remember things that make me smile. Things like, when you taught us new ways of looking at objects and memorizing them, when I learned from you, that I can create art myself and not just copy someone else, when I learned about glazes, and how they give depth to your work. When I heard for the first time the pearls of wisdom you passed on to the class, The "'Jenniferisms" I called them, with fondness. That is just the tip-o-the-iceburg of what I learned from you. There is so much more. It was the best week of learning that I have ever had! And I appreciate so much your way of teaching. Your kindness, and nurturing shows that you have gifts that go beyond your art. You inspire poeple to create. And I count myself priviledged to have learned from you. I hope that learning continues into the future.

I want to keep building on my knowledge. I started drawing with pencil on the weekend, and drew my first still life of my lovely Krista Sophia reading a book in an upohlstered chair at her Aunt's house. She was good enough to not fidget or move for half an hour. It actually turned out pretty decent. And it felt wonderfull to draw her. Monumental even. Because it was my first time. She thought I was being funny and silly, but I was moved emotionally on a level that I can't quite describe fully. All I can say is that I thank you for being the person that opened that door for me, for descibing the joy of drawing, the neccesity of it to my future work. And I thank myself for allowing "Me"to take a healthy self indugence for the soul. I hope that makes sense. Can't describe it any other way. I have also made a list of things to do to start furthering my education. First I am joining SALI, and looking forward to the coming convention in July. I hope to see you and spend a few moments with you. I was wondering, can I ask you for your input about the best classes for me to consider if that's okay? I am also going to start looking for a local drawing class at night, for some continued help with that. Also, that book that you recommended is so great !!!"Paint watercolors that dance with the light". The author Elizibeth Kincaid turns out to be living locally in Soquel, just 15 min. from me. Her way of teaching drawing, patterns, and laying is similar to your methods, and she teaches in the area. So I am going to contact her for info. And that's just a start. Much more to consider. Maybe down the road, I will be able to afford your second class. I really want to do that. Time and funds will tell when. And then practice, practice, practice! And I hope to keep in touch with the class. Everyone was awesome in their own right. Lucinda, Cindy, Susan, were great learning compaions. And last but not least...... Jo....... Wild and crazy, loving and kind, self -effacing and giver of praise to others, expressive,sad Jo. She became endeared to us all. I am so sorry we did'nt get to say goodbye to her or get her info. If you do, could you pass that along to all of us, it would be appreciated. Her presence gave our class some kind of wonderfull energy. Well I had better get to work, or my bills won't get paid, and I won't have extra money for all the art supplies I covet. Ha! I am sending you a few choice shots of our day's of learning and wonderment last week. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Talk soon, my new dear friend,


Jennifer's next class will be held Monday - Friday, June 25 thru 29, 2007.
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